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March 25, 2009


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Carter Rabasa

Are you sure you want to get in to the quagmire of who or what is "allowed"? After all, who's the gatekeeper? What kind of censorship might people impose?

If I were you, I'd simply make @RosedaleAustin a Twitter-bot that monitors tweets with a #RosedaleAustin hashtag and re-publishes them. See wintweets.com for an example.


Good questions -- we may very well make @RosedaleAustin a Twitter-bot. Moderation has its disadvantages, most notably the inconvenient human intervention part. ;-)

Michael Lewkowitz

To preserve the human filtering through @account, you could simply have the #tag as permission-less participation by any one and then retweet the best one under @account. As for who can see it... just send the #tag search link to your listserv and people can bookmark it. Or embed it on a web page if the community has one.

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